Uwin Iwin Incentives | South Africa
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Sales Incentives

Netuwin, our wholly owned, developed, maintained and managed cloud-based system, allows for maximum flexibility thus making it the ideal sales .

Reward Fulfilment

Reward them with Branded Cash! Choose to showcase your brand by customizing your very own prepaid gift card or simply choose one of our designs.


When people come together there exists the opportunity to create outcomes so powerful that it can change the very shape of the future.


We have the tools and expertise to maximize your communications and deliver measurable results.``

Travel Incentives

Travel rewards are by far the most desired of all reward components, participants competing to be part of an unforgettable.


An organization's financial growth and performance is directly linked to the performance of the internal and external workforce.


So, what’s the big deal with incentive programmes?
The answer is easy: incentive and reward programmes yield massively impressive results in the areas of human capital retention and development, workforce morale, sales improvement, productivity, wellness, positive attitudes, and loyalty.
Now…what about the bottom line? Companies implementing effective incentive and rewards programmes realise a median return to shareholders almost double that of companies lacking programmes.


percent of employees work harder when incentive programmes are in place


percent of employees believe that recognition acts as a powerful motivator


percent of employees regard acknowledgement of good work as being ``very`` important


percent of employees leave posts due to having good work overlooked