Uwin Iwin Incentives | Just Rewards – New Article in the Equinox Magazine
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Just Rewards – New Article in the Equinox Magazine


Just Rewards – New Article in the Equinox Magazine

Anyone for an all-expenses-paid holiday in Mauritius? Or what about a luxury Mediterranean cruise? A high-tech appliance or a cash reward? All of these ‘prizes’ are within reach of employees whose excellence at work is recognised through company incentive programmes.

Financial rewards for staff members may seem extravagant, even a waste of company money. After all, they get paid a salary to do their job. But think again: both global and local research has proved a strong business case for incentive schemes. A motivated, engaged workforce is crucial to the bottom line, especially in sales-driven organisations. Rewarding high-performing employees and members of management is closely linked to reaching increased performance targets and high return on investment (ROI) for the company – when the scheme is designed and implemented correctly.

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