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Our Services

Performance Improvement

An organization’s financial growth and performance is directly linked to the performance of the internal and external workforce. Uwin Iwin’s team of Performance Improvement experts will assist you in unlocking the potential of your sales force, channel partners, supply chain and clients.

Whether you require business-to-business performance improvement, business to consumer, or need to ignite your sales force or work force, we have the solution for you.

As a full service incentive house we deliver the ideas, products, and programs to achieve your business goals and exceed your expectations. Our cloud based technology allows for seamless integration and easy web-based access requiring no additional infrastructure outlays.   Functionality is unlimited and allows for flexibility in building customized incentive solutions, vital communications databases, managing performance and tracking targets, whilst managing incentive budgets effectively.


Netuwin, our wholly owned, developed, maintained and managed cloud-based system, allows for maximum flexibility thus making it the ideal sales tracking and incentive tool.   Netuwin has the ability to manage a simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional front end, allowing the user to experience seamless communications and interaction.

In the back-end, Netuwin can extract valuable information via secure data extraction mechanisms, such as API, FTP and CSV data dump files.  Netuwin can successfully link to other technology platforms to verify select information and / or extract information. A full reporting suite is linked to the back-end allowing for username and password protected access to some or all reporting via the reporting dashboard.

Netuwin allows for individual registration on the program, allocating points for rewards against a defined set of actions or behaviours. Points can be linked to direct monetary value, or can be used to unlock thresholds that depict reward values.

Control your bottom-line through mapping your performance directly to your strategic goals. Growth can often be extracted from your Sales Channel through incentives. Properly structured incentives can provide you with additional visibility to identify opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths, allowing you to unlock the full potential within your sales channel.

From consultation, to setting objectives and mapping performance, we will customize a Sales channel Incentive allowing you to unlock all the potential in your channel to maximize your ROI and measure your return on objective.

Incentive Travel

Travel rewards are by far the most desired of all reward components and participants competing to be part of an unforgettable motivational experience will perform at their highest level to ensure their place on the journey.

Travel is still considered a luxury experience, which if created and managed the Uwin Iwin way, will live as a memory of a life time. The magic that we create within the experience, the attention to the finest detail and the creative use of local flavour always leave the winners with no doubt about how much they are valued and appreciated.

Motivational travel experiences create a legacy of care for winners, and, further, build strong relationships between the company’s top achievers. Individuals and teams are inspired to reach future goals to ensure participation in the reward. Uwin Iwin will create an inspirational travel experience that will help you win!

Uwin Iwin creates customized solutions backed by extensive travel management expertise, destination know how and industry specific knowledge.


Take the hassle out of finding that perfect “thank you” or token for “ a job well done”.  Order the Kudosh gift card to reward, recognize, encourage, support or remunerate your workforce, sales force and channel partners.

The Kudosh gift card offers the maximum flexibility, choice of reward and ease of use.

Reward them with Branded Cash! Choose to showcase your brand by customizing your very own prepaid gift card or simply choose one of our designs. Visit www.kudosh.com for more details.

We conceptualize, design and produce competition related marketing material and utilize our own prize draw system to manage, monitor and award. We manage reward fulfilment and delivery through our established logistics department, harnessing our existing online catalogue, which offers a variety of vouchers, gifts, experiences and tangible rewards.

We have assisted some top advertising agencies, market research companies, corporate clients and FMCG industry leaders with their prize fulfilment requirements.



“We have the tools and expertise to maximize your communications and deliver measurable results.”

Motivating and inspiring people has at its very core a requirement to communicate creatively and with clarity using multi dimensional messaging tools to empower, encourage, recognize, reward, thank and praise. Good campaigns are about the words you use, the tone of voice, the visual imagery, the context, the creative idea and the way all of these elements are blended to inspire the desired behavior.

Uwin Iwin uses the full range of in-house graphic and digital design, multi media activation tools, corporate gifts, teasers, our proprietary web based incentive technology portal and live event management to create powerful campaigns to enhance your motivational equirements.

Let us co create a winning communication campaign for you!


When people come together there exists the opportunity to create outcomes so powerful that it can change the very shape of the future. Uwin Iwin has mastered creating inspirational conferences, meetings and events that enhance the outcome of your business objectives.

Be they in the sales, new product, management strategy, employee, customer, public or shareholder events, when people experience, participate and connect in a well managed and creatively executed context great results always follow. Our experienced event team manages events the world over.

Every country brings its own unique challenges with it and our knowledge of working regularly locally, regionally and internationally, will ensure your meeting or event runs on brand, on budget and on time. Find out how we can provide innovative meetings and events that will influence and inspire by activating your internal and external audiences to drive brand, business and corporate goals.

Uwin Iwin creates customised solutions backed by extensive event management experience, destination know-how and industry-specific knowledge.

“What is the environmental impact of my event? How can I most cost-effectively reduce it?”

At Uwin Iwin we have high expectations for environmental management and human rights in the workplace. As a responsible company, our duties extend globally towards people, the environment and society. This is how we aim to build a sustainable company and, just as importantly, manage sustainable events. We ask our clients and suppliers to join us in this worthwhile progressive cause.