Uwin Iwin Incentives | Financial Services
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Financial Services

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About This Project

Financial Services Division of a Leading German Automotive Manufacturer

No of participants:  950

Date: October 2008 – Ongoing

Incentive type: Channel: Dealership Finance & Insurance staff, sales executives,
managers & Dealer Principals

Description: An incentive aimed at Finance and Insurance Managers within authorized

Objective: To reward and recognise loyal supporters of the brand and drive throughput to
client vehicle and financial services products

Solution: Online portal where points are calculated from raw data and awarded according to
interest rate financed. Tiers implemented based on variety of measures and improved results.
Full reward catalogue and reloadable gift card available, as well as personal shopper service for
top Tier participants

Results: One of the longest running programmes in the country, over 16 years – 88% of
participants active and earning points. To date there is an average increase of financial sales
YOY figure of 20-34% (2010 vs. 201 1), with participants reporting that the incentive program
is a definitive motivator in using the brand’s financial services as opposed to any other
that is on offer currently.