Uwin Iwin Incentives | Sales Incentives
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Sales Incentives

Netuwin, our wholly owned, developed, maintained and managed cloud-based system, allows for maximum flexibility thus making it the ideal sales tracking and incentive tool.   Netuwin has the ability to manage a simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional front end, allowing the user to experience seamless communications and interaction.

In the back-end, Netuwin can extract valuable information via secure data extraction mechanisms, such as API, FTP and CSV data dump files.  Netuwin can successfully link to other technology platforms to verify select information and / or extract information. A full reporting suite is linked to the back-end allowing for username and password protected access to some or all reporting via the reporting dashboard.

Netuwin allows for individual registration on the program, allocating points for rewards against a defined set of actions or behaviours. Points can be linked to direct monetary value, or can be used to unlock thresholds that depict reward values.

Control your bottom-line through mapping your performance directly to your strategic goals. Growth can often be extracted from your Sales Channel through incentives. Properly structured incentives can provide you with additional visibility to identify opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths, allowing you to unlock the full potential within your sales channel.

From consultation, to setting objectives and mapping performance, we will customize a Sales channel Incentive allowing you to unlock all the potential in your channel to maximize your ROI and measure your return on objective.

  • Encourage, Change & Reward Behaviours
  • Boost Workforce Morale
  • Strengthen Client Relationships
  • Drive Sales through Channel Relationships
  • Motivate Sales Performance
  • Recognise Exceptional Performance
  • Online Points-based Software
  • Enhanced commitment
  • IATA authorized airline partner
  • Motivation
  • Reinforced behavior
  • Boosting morale
  • Retention & Loyalty