Kudosh Reward Gift Card

Uwin Iwin was one of the first to offer a flexible rewards card that can be used anywhere in South Africa.

Kudosh Gift Cards are a registered product of Uwin Iwin Incentives (Pty) Ltd., in conjunction with MasterCard and Standard Bank.

Take the hassle out of finding that perfect “thank you” or token for “a job well done” by ordering the Kudosh award card to reward, recognize, encourage, support or remunerate your workforce, sales force and channel partners.

The Kudosh award card is a gift card that offers maximum flexibility, choice of reward and ease of use.


Company Features

We can customize your card design to your requirements. Send your enquiry to [email protected]

The once-off cost of the plastic card unlocks the opportunity to reward endlessly.

There are no nasty surprises! No transaction fees – no monthly fees and no annual fees to pay!

Simply upload a value on a Kudosh rewards card and pay the nominal upload fee once off!

An amount up to the value of R10, 000 can be loaded onto a single card without any FICA documents required.

A single upload value may never exceed R10, 000 at any given time but multiple uploads can be done not to exceed a total monthly value of R25, 000.

Kudosh is wholly owned by Uwin Iwin. (Including all online systems relating to card processes).

The validity period on the Kudosh rewards card is 3 years.

Kudosh Card Features

The features are the broadest on offer anywhere in South Africa. With the Kudosh Award Card, a participant can:

Activate their Kudosh card on our website.

Check their balance.

View their statements.

Report a lost or stolen card either on our Lost Card page or use our 24-hour self service telephone line (011) 244 2130.

Use the Kudosh card at ANY MasterCard retailer within South Africa.

Can’t use Gift Card at ATMs or for online purchasing as it has no PIN associated with the card.

How it works

Microsite linked to Card

A microsite (optimised for different device view) can be skinned according to your brand & CI or the chosen theme for your programme.

We suggest that you start off with a basic microsite that can be linked to your existing website and app.

Individual Registration

The microsite can be Username & Password controlled to allow control over your content in future.

The Basic Site Map will include:
  • Details of the Incentive Programme i.e. how to earn & what to do
  • Card functionality:
    • Activate my card | what’s on my card | I’ve lost my card
  • Notice Board | News Section | Product Information
  • FAQ’s
  • Contact Us

In case you need help

Need Support?

24/7 Assistance via IVR line on
(011) 244 2121


Presale Questions?

Friendly Sales Assistance on
(011) 244 2121


Email Assistance

Drop us an email at:
[email protected]

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